LAN / WAN & Wireless Solutions

Networking rely on hardware (passive products like Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber optic cabling and active products like Switches, Routers, Firewall) and software .

Assessing the requirement, designing the network structure, and hand picking the components (hardware and software) as per the need, are the greatest strengths in establishing a cost effective networking solution.

PT. MULTI MITRA KOMUNIKASA DIGITAL envisages this strength of it in establishing the point-to-point leased line connectivity, MPLS connectivity and other WAN connectivity.

PT. MULTI MITRA KOMUNIKASA DIGITAL employs world renowned brands for passive components (like AMP, Panduit, Krone, Systimax) and active components (like Cisco, HP ProCurve, Juniper, Linksys and others). For reassuring the excellent performance of the network, Network Auditing can also be carried out.

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) and wireless WAN (WiMax) solutions can also be provided.